Review: 3M Command Strips

3.5 out of 5 stars

Some of the 3M Command products

Some of the 3M Command products


  • easy to use: no hammer needed, no need to know where studs are or what wall is made of, allows you to hang things where you cannot put a nail (surface being too delicate or hard)
  • damage-free removal
  • various styles and types
  • certain strips connect with any other strips – no “male” or “female” pieces
  • refill strips allow you to only replace one side when you move
  • saw-tooth picture hanger, wire-backed picture hanging hooks, and clips come with 1 refill included in the package


  • don’t address if they come off the item and if it’s possible; i.e. poster strips or frames
  • a 2 step process –> requires an hour between attaching to both surfaces and when you can leave item attached
  • recommend wiping surface with alcohol (no wipes included) and the process can feel long if you’re impatient
  • doesn’t adhere to every surface
  • basically plastic, for the hooks and clips even with various styles
  • some temperature limitations
  • a little expensive compared to a nail or even a picture hanging kit
  • the refill being included means having potential clutter around as well as needing to not lose it


I’ve been hearing about the various styles of 3M Command Strips for several years now and at least year’s NAPO conference received a couple of samples to try out for myself.  In that interim between hearing about them and getting the samples, I’d looked at them in the stores and considered purchasing them.  The thing that always stopped me was that I couldn’t think of where and how I would be able to use them.  And even after conference, back in March of 2012, they sat around for a while.

Let me take a moment here to share that in some ways this post will not be complete – I have not removed any of the Command strips that have been applied, so I cannot comment on how damage-free the removal truly is – though as I have done in the past, I will revisit this when I have more information to share.

Then suddenly I needed them – a magnetic white board we had hung in the kitchen came crashing down, the adhesive that came with it was jiggled loose when we were doing some other work.  Aha, this would be a perfect test for a set of Command strips for framed pieces.  I pulled out one of the packages, read the instructions, and got it put up.  As I was doing this, the handyman working on some pipes in the basement came upstairs and saw what I was doing.  He commented that he loved them – when his tenants use them, the walls are left undamaged.

I found that I was almost paranoid that they wouldn’t hold my magnetic white board.  I kept checking to make sure it didn’t seem loose and each day when I came home, to make sure that it was still hanging.  It has never moved to this point in time – it remains solidly attached, holding coupons and whatnot for our home.

On the other hand, I am quite fascinated by the “velcro” that they use on these picture strips.  It’s not traditional Velcro, there’s no difference between the two pieces, which means that these any one piece can adhere to any other piece.  Unlike Velcro where you need 2 different pieces to connect to each other, any 2 pieces can connect with the 3M Command strip systems – at least with this picture frame style.

3M Command strips from back

3M Command strips on the back of the board and the cabinet.

Magnetic white board hung with 3M Command strips

Here’s the magnetic white board hung with 3M Command Strips.

Another time, my husband and I were talking about our coat closet (it lives in what is now the study – see the videos and blogs about re-vamping) and what to do about one of his hats.  Aha, I was given a 3M Command hook as well.  I immediately went and grabbed that and hung the hat up.  Somehow I was much less concerned about that falling, though it too hasn’t moved.  I find the white plastic appearance of the hook to be less than ideal, though considering what it is and what it’s used for – it’s fine.  It’s also completely hidden when the hat is hung on it.

3M Command hook without the hook attached

3M Command hook without the hook attached

Hat hanging on the 3M Command hook

Hat hanging on the 3M Command Hook

3M Command hook

3M Command Hook – this is what it looks like on the wall

There is quite an assortment of products within this category – from the picture and frame hangers, hooks, to clips, and poster hangers.  They offer different colors – from the standard white, to clear and metal appearance, and now a designer option.  3M has considered the dampness of bathrooms as well in their design – they offer a number of hooks for use in the bathroom, even in the shower itself.

They do talk about some temperature sensitivity – they cannot be applied without some pre-treatment at temperatures below 50° F and the adhesive can soften above 105°F.  None of these products are made for use in cars, where the temperatures and sun exposure can be so varied.  These are available in many stores – OfficeMax, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Ace, True Value, CVS, and JoAnn’s.

These might be quite useful for some of your needs.  They’re worth considering and trying out – if you can find a way to use them.  As with everything else, figure out what and how you would use them before running out to buy them!  🙂

Here are a couple of other examples of the 3M Command Strip products:

Wire-backed picture hanging hooks from 3M Command product line

Wire-backed picture hanging hooks from 3M Command product line

Saw-tooth hanger from 3M Command product line

Saw-tooth hanger from 3M Command product line

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