To-Do for Room Re-Vamp

Clearing Room
Box up magazines
Gather husband’s papers together
Go through papers on my desk
Clear off top of desk
Empty desk drawers items into box
Move stuff out from under desk
Move desk top unit into another room
Move dresser to basement
Move desk to basement
Empty out small file cabinet
Move small CD cabinet out of room
Move art and decorative items out of room
Move etc. pieces out of room – book boxes, scratching post…
Empty bookshelf
Empty most of 4 drawer file cabinets (enough to move them)
Move computer chair upstairs for husband
Take shelf down & patch holes

Room Cleaning
[Paint] – Sweep, mop, & dust

Moving Furniture In
Move bookshelf perpendicular into room
Move other library bookshelf downstairs, into room
Move small bookshelf into room (possible another bookshelf in too)
Move chair into room
Put rug in room?
Put folding table into room?

Moving Everything Else In & Decorating
Hang art back up
Arrange books on shelves (maybe catalog as I go?) 🙂
Move plants in
Find place for computer components
Find place for office supplies

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