Tame Your Tupperware

As I was putting away the Tupperware the other morning, it occurred to me that this is something that easily gets out of control. It almost seems like it is having a party all by itself when we’re away. It gets all jumbled and chaotic. Tupperware is also one of those things that can be hard to part with, there are always uses for them. Nevertheless, it does need to gone through from time to time.

I decided to take a picture of MY Tupperware storage for you to see. This is not the most organized it gets, but this is how it looked this morning. It has been a little while since I went through it. Due to how we’ve arranged things in the kitchen, we have a large drawer dedicated to the Tupperware containers. In truth, we have more in there than what we regularly use and some that I could part with.

Sometimes I think of socks when dealing with Tupperware, their lids are like matching socks. They somehow become separated and seem to disappear. Therefore, the first step is to match lids to containers. Then it is time for the container without a lid to get recycled or re-purposed. If the container is short enough, it can fit in a drawer to contain small items there.

After you’re left with the containers and lids, you need to consider how many you actually use. As I’ve said, Tupperware is always useful and therefore can be hard to part with, yet there is limited space in your kitchen. Feel free to repurpose them for crafts, small kid stuff, hardware, or whatever, but limit yourself to what you need and use for the kitchen.

Since kitchens have so many variations, there is often no set place where the Tupperware is kept. As I said, we have a deep drawer we use, and with this it is easy to keep it from overflowing into other areas. This is part of the reason that many people need to make a point to go through their containers periodically – to limit the chaos from infringing on other areas.

There are also different approaches on how to deal with storing it. You might be able to see in my drawer that we are fortunate that many of them are quite stackable including the lids, even the ones from different companies. Yet, we have several that are not stackable. One great way is if you have a container, especially missing a lid that can hold all (or most of) the lids together. If you use a container for holding lids that you periodically use, you suddenly have floating lids until you have access to that container again. Never mind that you will need to make the time to gather all the lids together again. Ideally you’ll want to keep them altogether in one location.

Make the time to go through your Tupperware. I enjoy the process of finding where else I might use the excess ones. It should take you less than 30 minutes to pull it all out, match lids and put back what you want to keep. Not much time at all, so pick a time and dig in. Keep an eye on it to see when you might need to make time again.

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