PlanetSafe Planners

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

PlanetSafe Planner 30-day planner

Undated 30 day calendar planner


  • customizable
  • adjustable; easy to rearrange (with post-it notes)
  • environmentally friendly
  • reusable (depending on style used)
  • great for visual people
  • thin and sturdy


  • restricted to home- not possible to carry around
  • limited space on some calendar squares
  • not reusable, with some styles


This is another product that I discovered through the NAPO expo, at last year’s conference (and this year’s too) – PlanetSafe Planners.  I love the idea that you use a dry erase marker on the calendar, how easy and clean to change things.  As well, they enable using post-it notes for other areas, again so easy to rearrange and move things. The flexibility and ease of using their planners is exceptional.

My husband and I might be unique; we have no calendar in the house to record events.  We have our Google calendars synced, and these are always with us.  Without kids or any other reasons, we’ve found no reason for a wall calendar to tell us about our appointments.  Nevertheless, I think this can be a superb calendar for some people – as long as you need that household calendar.  The only condition is that you use it and don’t rely exclusively on what (if anything) you carry with you.

Considering what my schedule often looks like, the squares look too small for extensive schedules, and then trying to add in other people’s schedules too seems unrealistic.  Thus would depend heavily on how much you need to keep track of.  If I only put in rough hours of when I’d be otherwise occupied, there’s potentially enough room for several people’s obligations.

I think I might be a little odd – for I found myself resisting the idea of this environmental calendar that I’d need to replace every year – and how “environmental” that it is.  Then again, it’s not paper.  Although reading about their development, these calendars are a 100% green product after struggling to find a natural adhesive. They also offer options for undated calendar options.

Although for myself I’m not interested in their calendars, I am tempted by some of the goal planners- the idea that my husband and I could have a very visible post-it note planner for our joint goals, for the house and other plans.  This is one the strengths of PlanetSafe Planners – they are a great visual – with the different color post-it’s, you’re unlikely to miss it!

PlanetSafe Planner Yearly Goals

Yearly goals with post-it notes

In some ways, the intriguing part of their planners is how a number of them also focus on goals and tasks – having a space included separate from the calendar for these items.  It would be very rewarding to take down the post-it notes after completing tasks.  The limited, yet not small area would encourage people to NOT over schedule.

PlanetSafe Planner 30 day calendar and tasks

30 day calendar with task or customizable section

From my limited perspective here in the Midwest, it’s sad that this company is not better known.  Although there are some limitations to some of their products, they are worth keeping in mind to help you plan – depending on the contexts relevant to your life.

Note: All my reviews are done without consideration for the company (sorry!) – as unbiased as possible! I don’t receive anything from any of them and most don’t know I’m even reviewing their products.

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