Pendaflex I-Organize Storage Binder

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pendaflex Storage Binder

That bit of red is part of the new binder technology.


  • new technology for securing items into binder
  • selection of accessories for use in binder
  • the fasteners secure behind accessories when not in binder
  • sturdy materials
  • customizable for your needs
  • strap to close binder


  • shaped like a traditional binder
  • only two sizes of binders
  • hard to find locally to look at and handle in person


At some point after the 2010 NAPO conference, this arrived in the mail for me – a Pendaflex Storage Binder with several accessories.  I was excited, as I’d admired this binder at the conference.  Initially what caught my attention was the different technology they used for securing things into the binder.  They did away with those rings and put in “channel slots” with a release lever at the bottom. It makes it easy to use and your fingers aren’t at risk of getting pinched.

There are 8 different styles of accessories that work with the binder, and this is critical due to the way the binder functions. They are all made of poly material.  The clipboard is the most interesting and unique to me – as it clips into the binder while still being sturdy enough to use independently.  They offer the more traditional media file, envelope with string closure, a file folder with elastic closures, and a single and a double (“twin”) pocket.  They also offer a display book and a project pocket – neither of which came with my binder.

Pendaflex Clipboard

Pendaflex Clipboard

Each accessory has a piece of plastic on one side for slipping into those channel slots, and when they are being used outside of the binder, they bend behind and can be held there.  This makes them look like your basic accessory – clipboard, document pocket, document envelope, etc.  This is a wonderful feature for offering those accessories for multiple purposes and not limiting them to use only with the binder.

I’ve talked before about how normal binders are just OK to me, I dislike how their shape affects their utility when not in use, whether upright or on their side, it doesn’t make them conducive for stacking or keeping on a shelf.  These binders are shaped in the same way.  I do appreciate the elastic closure they’ve included and if you prefer not to use it, you don’t have to.

These binders come in only two sizes.  In some ways, this might not be a detriment; it forces all of us to limit how stuffed we might be tempted to fill it.  It certainly won’t stymie us with choices, as there are two choices for the binder – the presentation or the storage style.  Of course, there are all the different accessory pieces we can choose. The binder has 8 channel slots, so you can fit your choice of 8 accessory pieces.

I realize that the world is moving more and more to online shopping, but I really prefer the ability to see and feel products before I decide to spend my money on it.  These do not seem to be available locally – OfficeDepot offers them on their website, but only for delivery.

Note: All my reviews are done without consideration for the company (sorry!) – as unbiased as possible! I don’t receive anything from any of them and most don’t know I’m even reviewing their products.

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