Negativity – Nip it in the Bud Now

A few weeks ago, I found myself leaving some client’s homes feeling very frustrated.  I realize most of you don’t know me, yet this is not typical.  To make matters even more interesting, it wasn’t about the clients. No, really it wasn’t.  It was actually about the family members I had been interacting with for a couple of moments here or there.  Part of me wanted to absolutely scream at them! Sometimes wishing I could shake them – jostle some compassion into them.

It also had me wanting to grab and squeeze my clients, hoping I could through osmosis make them not believe the negativity.  I know how challenging it can be to contradict the negativity of others.  Especially when they come from someone you love.  My frustration was coming from seeing the insensitivity to my client.  How pointless to comment on how “easy” or “simple” this should be – at least according to them, and not considering the client’s struggles or even that they’ve asked for help.  That’s why I am there after all (and hearing the comments).

Many people have different ways of approaching the same thing – while the end goal is relatively the same.  Often the struggles of getting to that place can be overwhelming.  Every person I work with has beautiful strengths, as well as the requisite challenges (this is called being human) and follows his or her own process.  They work at different speeds and make progress in different ways.

Can you allow this for yourself?  Can you have the strength to be whom you are and where you are at without negativity filling you?

The family members aren’t always the ones being critical.  Often it is the client themselves, beating themselves up.  Labeling themselves as this or that; at least this I can try to address directly.  Negativity rarely serves any of us well.  How often does it help you tackle that project?  Or think outside the box to come up with a different solution to this struggle?

I truly wish that organizing could be easier – and easy for everyone.  Just imagine the way our quality of life would improve! Also, frustration does often seem to come from love and the feeling of helplessness – the inability to help make a difference.  In the meantime, stop the negativity – whether from yourself or from listening to it from others. There’s no easy answer to this, yet beginning to be aware of it and contradicting it.  Discover your strengths and remind yourself of these.

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