ClosetMaid Cubeicals – Especially the Mini

4 out of 5 stars

ClosetMaid Mini Off-set Cubeical

ClosetMaid Mini Off-set Cubeical


  • decent construction
  • true cube shaped
  • several finishes available (usually)
  • fabric cubes fit well and come in many colors
  • can connect to others to become customizable
  • can hang on the wall, if you want


  • laminated wood
  • plastic covers to hide screws
  • recommends glue which is awkward to use
  • standard cubeical can waste space if used for smaller items


I’ll admit it; I can go all gaga over cubbies.  That’s exactly what happened when I saw the ClosetMaid mini cubeicals.  I was there looking for the standard cubeicals as I find them quite useful and have used them in several places throughout our home.  But I am getting slightly off topic – I was out shopping for the regular ones when I realized they now offered mini ones.  Oh my! And yes, one of them came home with me along with some fabric cubes to fit in it.  They currently have 2 styles to choose from in the mini style (here’s the other style).

I learned with my first cubeical that it needs to be assembled on a hard floor, carpeting isn’t solid enough to eliminate small gaps between the pieces.  I eagerly tore the box open in the kitchen to get it put together.  Unlike the other cubeicals I’ve gotten, this one included a small bottle of glue to use when attaching the various pieces to each other.  Much to my annoyance in getting the lid off the glue, it squirted all over and the top went flying across the room.  For some reason, I also found it concerning that the piece “needs” glue when none of the other have.

Since I got the mini-offset organizer, it was a little awkward to put it together though still relatively easy.  The other cubeical systems have been quite simple to assemble and it would seem it’s the offset that makes it just a little awkward.  Depending on the cubeicals use, I will sometimes pass on attaching the included cardboard backing as I did with my mini-cubeical.

I can be old-fashioned in that I really would prefer solid wood construction for what I use in our home, though this can be challenging to find.  Considering that solid wood is more expensive and often harder to find in the needed sizes, I appreciate the ClosetMaid cubeicals.  They continue to hold up well and can be customized to fit the spaces you have relatively easily.  They are laminated wood, which can cause some splitting or screws going in crooked, though I have rarely had this problem.

It’s nice that there are different finishes in order to choose what will match your décor.  I appreciate the fitting of the fabric cubes into the unit as they fit well and are not tight.  In one unit I have, the fabric drawer stores extra towels and I have not seen dust collect inside.  There’s a large selection of colors to choose from for the fabric drawers and since the large ones are typically sold individually you can get more than one color easily.  For the mini cubeical, the fabric drawers are sold in a 2-pack.  Since I wanted more than one color, I needed to buy 2 packages, though I would have been happy with just 2 fabric drawers for the mini.

ClosetMaid Off-set Mini Cubeical

ClosetMaid Off-set Mini Cubeical

Although I have never applied this, the ClosetMaid cubeicals are designed for the possibility to attach them to each other in a number of ways if you choose.  They include hardware for attaching the unit to the wall, both as a hanging option as well as just a way to secure the unit.  Since the cubecials are assembled, the screws are visible once you’ve put it together, and they include plastic covers for the screws in the color of your unit.  I’ve found these pieces to be flimsy and they are easily brushed off.  Most often, I simply don’t even try to use them and settle for the visible screws on the unit.

The standard cubeical has perfect cube dimensions, which surprisingly isn’t the case with all “cube” systems.  The standard cubeical can be large for some items, as can the fabric drawers.  I appreciate that they are large enough to fit binders and your standard cleaning supplies (1 unit I have is in my utility closet), though have found that smaller items can get lost in the drawers or the space feels wasted with smaller items.  This is understandably less of an issue with the mini cubeical.  As with any organizational tool, you need to consider what your purpose is for the space.

Considering the mini offset cubeical is my fifth cubeical purchase, it’s easy to say that I like the ClosetMaid cubeicals.  I don’t recommend them to everyone as it needs to meet your needs and meet with your taste – I know one person bought another ClosetMaid product and commented that it was acceptable and inexpensive, though not great, the laminated wood bothered them.  I find them to be a decent option for organizing spaces.  Here are some pictures of some of my cubeicals:

ClosetMaid 2 cube

ClosetMaid Cubeical - 2 cubes

ClosetMaid Cubeical 8 cubes

ClosetMaid Cubeical - 8 cubes


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