Racing – Time & Energy

How does having lots of to-dos make you feel?  The answer might vary depending on many different circumstances.  There is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment when we have lots of things pressing on our time and still manage to get it all done.  It can certainly make you feel alive, your heart is racing, and you can look around and see all that you accomplished.  There is a time and a place for using this energy.

Unfortunately, if this is how you primarily function, your super productive moments might be far and few between, if you do not have that external pressure to get it all done, it is easy to struggle.  This also assumes that you can turn on those super productive times when you want or need them.

There are times when I race around the house, full of energy, getting things accomplished.  My husband will talk to me, but I often hardly hear him, my brain is working so fast it’s like I can’t slow down to speak.  That feeling is wonderful – the energy coursing through me in combination with all the things that I can get done.

Yet, there are consequences to this energy.  Your focus is often not directed when you’re racing around.  The tasks you work on are frequently the easiest and you ignore the pieces that require more attention or are more challenging to accomplish.  If you continue to avoid those tasks that take more time, they won’t get done.

This can look like ADD/ADHD – the attention and energy, although it’s not limited to this situation – this racing energy can affect us all.  You might discover this energy regardless of the length of your to-do list.  Early on when I became a professional organizer, I would come home from working with people, I would be filled with this energy.  I enjoyed using it to get things accomplished.

Sometimes though there are consequences to using this energy.  I would occasionally wear myself out racing around; I wasn’t paying attention to my real energy level.  Other times, after I had settled down I would look around and see obvious tasks I’d missed.  I’ve seen some people struggle with the energy as things actually get messier by the time they’ve finished.

Consider how that energy works or doesn’t work for you.  If you understand the effect of your racing energy, you can then use it to benefit yourself and your tasks.

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