Review: Ziploc Brand Flexible Totes

4 out of 5 stars

Ziploc Brand Flexible Totes


  • flexible which makes them easy to stuff them places and fold up when not in use
  • semi-transparent plastic makes it easier to see what’s inside
  • breathable, mesh strip under the zipper
  • rectangular (I like the corners as less potential for wasted space)
  • shape makes them easily stackable
  • comes with built in handles
  • sturdy (claim it can handle 40 pounds)


  • only 2 sizes
  • breathable areas mean that you want to be mindful of where you store these as bugs and dirt can get in through the mesh


OK, so let me confess that I have a bias toward storage containers with corners.  Although round or even rounded corners can be nice for some things, I tend to feel like there is wasted space – either in the container itself or in its placement in the home.  If I can avoid wasting space, I want to – and for once, there is a flexible plastic storage container with this corner idea in mind, the Ziploc Flexible Totes, yet another product I’ve been able to use and review from my involvement with NAPO.

Often with these “new” tools for organizing, I can admire the designs and ideas, but struggle to think how and where I would use them for myself.  I already have systems and tools in place that work for me.  These flexible totes were one of these, though I also wanted to use them, I do like the idea.  Last year as I was beginning work on one of our rooms, I realized I had at least one good use for them – some fabric I had laying around.  Right away I opened up the flexible tote and moved the fabric in and now the tote is squished a little to fit under a shelf.  It’s been a great solution for me.

Ziploc flexible tote holding fabric scraps

Ziploc flexible tote holding fabric scraps

Since they are plastic, they are sold folded flat and they are easy to return to this compact size when they are not in use.  They are easy to fill, as there is a zipper that goes around 3 of the sides, and the top can be simply folded back as you fill the tote.  The plastic is sturdy; Ziploc says these are thicker and more durable than their Big Bags and each size can hold up to 40 pounds.  They also have built in handles to allow for easy transportation.

Just under the zipper is a strip of mesh that allows the plastic and it’s contents to breathe.  This can be good in order to stop moisture and mustiness from developing.  On the other hand, it also means that dirt and bugs can get in through that same mesh area – therefore, just be mindful of where and how you use these flexible totes.

I find it a bit surprising that there are only 2 sizes.  Maybe I’m a bit odd, but part of me wishes there was a smaller size of these.  They talk about being able to be squeezed under the bed, though I see this as impractical – they are much deeper than any bed I have see and then you are wasting the storage space they provide to store them under a bed.

Speaking of the bed, I had been reusing the plastic zipper container that our comforter came in – that is, until it broke.  Aha, Ziploc flexible totes! The XXL size comfortably fits our king size down comforter while the XL size has extra room after the duvet cover and winter sheet set.  Depending on the weight of what you store in your flexible totes, I have found that I am comfortable grabbing only one handle on my XXL tote with the comforter in it.


Ziploc flexible totes holding all the winter bed linens

Ziploc flexible totes holding all the winter bed linens

One client I worked with used one of these totes for storing her sewing fabric and pillows (for a project), which made the material easily visible and accessible, while minimizing the pet fur.  Overall I like these Ziploc flexible totes.  Consider if these could meet any needs you have – remember I am not a fan of people getting organizing supplies until the specific need has been identified! 😉

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