Revisiting the Past

It’s hard for me to believe that I have been blogging since October 2009.  I thought I would share an oldie but goodie from late 2009 – it seems to be popular.  Maybe you haven’t seen it, although even if you have you might want to re-read it and see if it can inspire you now.  🙂


Loving What You Own

When did you last look around your home with a critical eye? Are the things you have out, things you truly love and value?  And what about those things in boxes hidden around?

Whether you keep things out where you appreciate them or if you store them and rarely look at them – they take up valuable space.  It’s easy to become blind to the things around us, they become part of our normal landscape, and we forget to even think about them.

It’s challenging to take that emotional step backwards to evaluate your belongings.  Yet, If they are … [click to keep reading]


And the question remains, what are you going to find a better home for?

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