Follow-up on the Unikeep View Case Binders

As a rule, I do not write reviews of products until I have used the item for a while.  Although I think I can intuit the pros and cons of various products, I want to have the hands on experience to share with you.  How long I use something before I review it varies depending the product.  Yet, how does the product stand the test of time?

I originally posted my review of the Unikeep View Case Binders in February of 2011 after getting one from the NAPO conference in 2010.  This was probably my favorite find from that conference and after using the one I received purchased several more for myself.

These make me happy though I continue to be less than fond of binders as a general rule.  The fact that they are enclosed and of a consistent shape make them easy to use: either standing them up or stacking them.

I did end up breaking one of the rings since writing the review.  It is the binder that I received more than 3 years ago now and I take with me to show clients.  I also tend to abuse it a little to demonstrate how sturdy the rings are despite how they feel.  Of the ones that I use, I have had no problems with the rings.

My husband was drawn to these and asked for one.  He took it to work and used it for a handful of things on spiders.  Recently it came home and he showed me how he was using it and reported how great it was for containing both the papers he needed and the little books that tend to get lost.

Unikeep binder holding both paper and small books

Unikeep binder holding both paper and small books

Unikeep binder open with papers and small books

Unikeep binder open with papers and small books
















My favorite “binder” from them is one without rings as I can load it with whatever I want to work on that day as I leave and it remains contained.  I use this one the most, though have an actual binder I use for my volunteering which I use their tabbed pockets within it.

Another client purchased a set of them to hold some materials that come hole-punched and comments on how easily they line a shelf on her bookcase.  They allow her to organize, contain, and access the papers she needs in a user-friendly way.

If you can’t tell, I am still a huge fan of these Unikeep View Case Binders. 🙂

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  1. I need a professional organizer to help me with my home.
    What are your rates?
    I live in the far northwest side of milwaukee
    Laura Plaster

  2. Hi Laura – Thanks for contacting me. I’ve dropped you an e-mail earlier with more information. 🙂

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