Follow-up on the Workforce Shelving Units

Although I don’t generally write reviews before using the product for a while, I made an exception with these Workforce Shelving Units.  I had seen and worked with them in a client’s home and appreciated them.  Then, when I was at the store looking at the various options, I tested to see how wobbly each assembled piece was and evaluate them altogether.  And I went home with 2 of these shelving units and wrote my review relatively quickly.

My original post on Workforce Shelving Units was in August of 2011.  So, how do I like these units over a year later?  They’ve not been used too much, my husband finished filling the one in the garage, so we occasionally pull a few things off of it to use.  The one in the basement with the paint cans and supplies has probably not been touched much at all.

First, it doesn’t appear that Workforce is available or there was a change with the name.  The link for Workforce shelving to Home Depot still works, though nothing specifies Workforce and the picture looks the same.

As I’ve said, in general shelving leaves me ambivalent yet I continue to appreciate these shelves.  We all have our preferences and as I talked about in my original review – these certainly have characteristics that I wouldn’t choose in other circumstances.  I’ve worked with some clients who dislike these units.  I continue to be surprised by own preference for them as I typically avoid plastic units for this sort of thing.

I noticed that the unit holding our paint – specifically the shelf double stacked with gallon paint cans – has begun to sag.  We’ve been storing those paint cans there for over a year now.  It’s interesting, as although I see the sagging, I remain impressed with the unit.  Those paint cans are heavy and due to the way we set the things up on it, it’s not surprising that the unit is showing it.  Meanwhile, the shelving that isn’t holding that level of weight is showing no signs of wear and works well.

Workforce Shelving follow-up, showing slight sag from paint cans

A slight sag from the weight of all the paint cans after a year’s time

These shelves are still my recommendation for utility shelving as long as you have large things to store.  They are so easy to assemble and disassemble and have the sturdiness that I want in my shelving.  I continue to be shocked by how wobbly so many shelving pieces are and personally I do not want to trust shelving that is prone to wobbling when it’s empty and then load things onto it.

As with every product for every situation – what works for you and your circumstances is what is most important.  These are certainly worth evaluating for your situation when you’re in need of large shelving units.

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