Brief Overview of Some Organizing Products

The NAPO conference each year is such an experience of learning – both from the presentations about various topics and the expo hall where vendors display and sometimes share samples of their products.  I’ve started sharing products that I want to review, yet there are plenty of products that I’m not inclined to review.  That doesn’t mean they are uninteresting or wouldn’t be useful – it’s more about seeing those products as fairly self-explanatory, obviously useful or not depending on your individual needs.  Then it occurred to me that you all might know these things even exist, therefore I’m here to share several products shared at the NAPO conference expo this year.

1.  Bankers Box – We’re probably all familiar with these, they hold file folders perfectly with lids and handles.  What you might not know is that they are offering more specialized boxes for home storage (Fellowes Bankers Box Home Organization) – they have a prettier design than the straight cardboard as well as this line of products provides windows on the side of the box in order to see some of the contents.  This line also includes an ornament storage box in red and green (including the window and handles).

A banker's box from Fellowes Home Organization line

A banker’s box from Fellowes Home Organization line

2.  EZ Flag Writing Pad – This is a traditional notepad with the perforated edge on top, with a couple of additional features – repositionable stick-on flags for labeling and highlighting on the bottom of the pad.  It means you can leave your highlighter and flags at home and still have them with you.

Easy Flag Writing Pad

EZ Flag Writing Pad with flag and highlighting stickies on pad itself

3.  Vertical Reinforced Expanding Wallet – There seems to be a movement toward shifting the orientation for paper organization and this is one example.  We know about expanding wallets with (then called accordion folders) or without dividers – now when you look in, the top of the papers are easier to read and find – if you don’t mind the necessary depth.

Vertical Expanding Wallet

Vertical Expanding Wallet (sorry for the blurriness -it’s hard to hold steady while snapping a picture)

4.  Privacy CopySafe File Jacket – These are just like all the 2-sided poly sleeves (or jackets) except this one has a privacy pattern on it.  That means any potentially prying eyes won’t be able to tell what your papers are while still providing you with some visibility.

Privacy Copy Safe File Jacket

Privacy CopySafe File Jacket with a paper partway in to see the effect

5.  What’s That Paint – Here’s something new – labels made specifically for your paint cans.  It has space for you to put information about the paint and your use of it: area/room, color, finish & base, brand/store, date, other, and a place to dab the color on the label.  You’ll never have to wonder when or where you applied what can of paint again.

What's That Paint

Labels for your paint cans from What’s That Paint

These are a handful of products that have been displayed and shared at the NAPO conference expo.  They certainly fill the needs for some people and are straightforward in their capabilities.  And just as much, not everyone will have a need for them.  Yet, I believe it’s always great to know what is out there and possible for filling a need – whether now or down the road.

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